Liz Jardine


Liz Jardine creates superb custom commissions for art consultants and interior designers in her San Diego loft studio. She was schooled in New York at the State University of New York Buffalo with a design degree in 2-Dimensional painting. But she says that everything she knows about art she actually learned by painting professionally for the Arizona-based atelier; The Phoenix Art Group where she was the Art Director for 10 years. In 2001 she decided she was ready to set up her own studio; first in a loft in Little Italy and now in downtown San Diego.

Visiting her studio is a delight for patrons and interior designers alike! High ceiling easels and paint-splattered cement floors set the tone. Here she and her assistants create everything from Tuscan-inspired tapestries to large, abstract canvases. Liz’s creations are published by Seattle-based publisher Third and Wall. Through them her work is seen all over the planet.

Creating custom canvases for interior designers across the country keeps Liz very busy. Her deep love and appreciation for natures beauty serve as constant inspiration for her artwork.