Sarah Stockstill


Sarah Stockstill was born on New Year’s Day 1972 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Stockstill had aspirations to become a photographer, which led her to a job as a painter’s apprentice. Working in this capacity for two years inspired a love for a new medium, painting. Stockstill spent the next two and a half years as a designer before setting up her own studio. Her rich multi-layered colors, subliminal textures, and distinctive compositions have been sought out by collectors from around the world.

“I look at life around me to find the things that run in common through all of it. I believe that joy occupies the spaces where these harmonies are found. Painting offers me an opportunity to spend time in these places exploring imagery that evokes a sense of emotional intelligence that lies with each of us.”

Sarah Stockstill has recently relocated with her two children to Los Angeles where she continues producing her works of fine art.