17/5/15 – Senic designs the Nuimo; a connected smart home dial

Senic designs the Nuimo; a connected smart home dial

all photos courtesy of Senic

The clicker, the converter, the switcher, the flipper… whatever it is called, the remote controller has always been a staple of the household. The german startup Senic wants to redefine it with ‘Nuimo’, a dial interface that employs multiple types of inputs to control most smart home devices and services. The device integrates bluetooth low energy technology to instinctively communicate with all connected devices, like smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. It can be placed anywhere in the home, and can be programmed to utilize turning, clicking, swiping and even hand motion gestures.

‘Nuimo’ has an infrared based sensor that recognizes precise hand movements that command everything from the volume of the music, to switching off the lights. A 11 x 11 dot matrix LED face, displays settings and third party options, like a timer for the kitchen. the senic ‘Nuimo’ has a diameter of 78 mm and weighs 190 grams (6.7 oz). It is manufactured from anodized SI 01 aluminum, and is covered by a scratch resistant hardened glass. The dial has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, and can run up to four months on a single charge. The software is an open source platform that will invite a community of developers to create a more flexible integration with other ‘internet of things’, such as Sonos, Nest and Philips hue. Senic is looking for funding for its manufacturing in Germany on kickstarter, with preorders starting at €89. The startup plans to ship worldwide by october 2015.


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