4/5/15 – Aston Martin Designs AM37 Powerboat With Quintessence Yachts via Pursuitist and Business Insider

4/5/15 – Aston Martin Designs AM37 Powerboat With Quintessence Yachts via Pursuitist and Business Insider

Aston Martin heads to high seas along with Dutch boatbuilder Quintessence Yachts to announce a unique series of stunning new powerboats. The iconic British automotive marque is keen to travel from land to sea at the same speed with the upcoming AM37.


The new AM37 Aston Martin speedboat will be unveiled as a ‘gran turismo’ leisure powerboat with a maximum speed of around 44 knots. The higher version, AM37 S, will hit the blue waters with a cruising speed of 32 knots and topping it up to 52 knots.

Representing the ultimate sports driving experience on the water to enjoy in every occasion, from a runabout to a superior commuter, the vessels will feature a hi-tech composite structure allied to luxury sports car-like handling, performance and comfort. Measuring 37 feet long, the ‘7 series’ powerboats race up on the techie features too with interactive voice control and activation, a fully HD-integrated touch screen with navigation and multimedia system and remote controlled functions.


The hulls feature high-tech composite with epoxy resin and the structural parts are made of carbon fibre. Based upon a concept of creating elegant, fast boats with an exclusive design and a sporty character, Aston Martin Design department along with Quintessence R&D unit and naval architect Mulder Design in Amsterdam have been working to achieve a true example of design purity.

More details of the one-of-a-kind powerboats designed to travel from from sea to shining sea will be unveiled soon. However potential owners of the new Aston Martin powerboat are being given more details of the new project on a strictly confidential one-to-one basis, further raising the sense of excitement among Aston Martin fans and the yachting world.

Katia Bassi, Managing Director Aston Martin Brands, states “Over the course of our 102-year history Aston Martin has produced some of the most iconic luxury sports cars of all time. Our contemporary designs retain classic lines whilst delivering the latest technical innovations, and the exciting range of luxury speed boats we are developing with Quintessence Yachts reflects this commitment to excellence in every field, as well as perfectly encapsulating our ‘Art of Living’ philosophy.”


Aston Martin isn’t the first ultra-luxury British carmaker to put its name on a boat.

Last year, Rolls-Royce unveiled a $5-million dollar superboat called the “Aeroboat.” The sleek craft is powered by an updated, 1,100-horsepower Rolls-Royce Merlin engine from the legendary World War II-era Supermarine Spitfire fighter.

Aston Martin and Quintessence have not revealed the price for the AM37. That information may be available in the near future, but you’ll have to keep it a secret.