02/04/2015 – Light in Water by DGT architects | designboom

02/04/2015 – Light in Water by DGT architects | designboom

For its opening event of 2015, Eléphant Paname art and dance center, presents an exhibition of ten internationally renowned creative teams and individuals. selected for the event, is Parisian DGT Architects’ ‘Light in Water’. The installation was initially presented at Milan Design Week 2011, and has been revamped for exhibition once again.

The site-specific exhibit provides an immersive and emotional experience via a cascading waterfall and light show. The work will be presented in the oldest concrete dome in Paris, which called for a circular adaptation to be created for the room. Sixteen rings of slotted tubes run along the ceiling, filled with holes that individually leak 60 drops of water per second for a total of three tons of water that continually recirculates.

In 2011, DGT developed a LED ‘lighting-time control’ programmed to reach the shortest interval possible–seven microseconds. In doing so, they were able to achieve a visualization and materialization of a single point of light in water, equal to the time it takes a water droplet to fall. The installation is a commentary on the essence of life, and the crucial role that light and water play in our existence. ‘Light in Water’ will be exhibited from March 6 to May 31st at Eléphant Paname.

all images © Takuji Shimmura

project info:

installation: DGT architects
lighting design: Izumi Okayasu lighting design
technical adviser: Tamon
technical design: Archiee
technical direction: Luftzug
water system: Bellrx